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Screen Replacements

Everything from Smart Phones to Tablets to Laptop Computers, we can replace that broken screen in no time.

Smart Device Repairs

Is your charge port not working? Camera Broken? Home Button stuck? We can repair it all.

Computer Repair

Slow running computers, viruses, and hardware problems are no problem for us.


If you have questions, we have some answers for you. We offer consultations/lessons on how to use that smart device or even your computer.

About CDK tech

Every year we grow to satisfy more clients with our excellent service!

CDK Tech was started in 2012 by Christine Tancrede while she was apprenticing in a computer repair shop. After recieving her Associates degree in Computers in 2011, Christine started working for a local computer shop learning all she could. Out of necessity, she started repairing phones, starting with her mentor's iphone. Seeing an opportunity to satisfy a different group of customer, she opened the doors of CDK Tech. CDK's main goals is to provide excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, honesty and helpful information. Nothing is more important. Christine came from a customer service background so that is the whole basis of her business practices. If there is any way for CDK to help, guaranteed it will be done. If you have a question of whether a repair is worth the cost, CDK strives to answer that question honestly, even if it means a loss of sale. It means more to CDK to gain a life long satisfied customer. The name has some signifigance to Christine. This business was started for her family. So it was only fitting that it should have a family connection. The CDK stands for the members of the family, Christine, Devon, and Kyla.

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Honesty
  • Helpful


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